New Danio Screenshot!!!

March 25, 2010 at 6:00 pm (Animation) (, , , , , , , )

This is one of the confrontations between Bowser and Danio. It takes place in the Super Mario World-era of the Mario series. Official game synopsis coming soon . . . Keep checking!

Ghosthouse Showdown

An epic showdown . . .



  1. Lucas Smithbauer said,

    w00t! Looking good Jeffrey!

  2. holbsproductions said,

    Thanks, sir . . . I’m having fun drawing this one . . . P.S. Lukigi rocks!!!

  3. zcraig10 said,

    Looks good. How about doin a side story about Lukigi? Mario always gets all the love, though. When is it Luigi/Lukigi’s turn?

    • Jeff Holbrook said,

      Well, for this story, Danio is the main focus. He is based off of a flash movie I made in 2005. He was created in the image of one of my best friends. He sucks at everything Mario is good at. I agree that Luigi/Lukigi needs more love, but Danio is the star of this storyline. I didn’t decide to make Lukigi until a few weeks ago. In the game, he will serve as Danio’s/the user’s hint box. Hopefully, he will run the show one day (without a ghost-sucking vacuum). If this works out, Lukigi will rise to take the initiative. Thanks for posting!

  4. Alayca Coleman said,

    That looks awesome, J! Why didn’t I see it before now?! You are very talented!

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