National Lampoon made the offer!!!

March 29, 2010 at 2:58 pm (Career) (, , , , , )

I am going to be working for National Lampoon this summer in Los Angeles!!! I will be working there as a video editor in June and July. I will be leaving at USC and working on Sunset Boulevard . . . Excited is an understatement for how I feel about this break. I signed the agreement, so National Lampoon will officially make its way on to my resume.



  1. letsdocollege said,

    Certainly, congratulations! What a great opportunity! Great blog, and good luck!

  2. Alayca Coleman said,

    I am so proud of you, Jeffrey! You are well on your way to the top!! :o)

  3. athomp3290 said,

    Congrats!!!! I bet you are going to have a blast this summer! And what a great experience! I hope everything goes well for you! Good Luck!!!!

  4. eddievargo said,

    Congrats buddy!
    I still don’t think your cool tho

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