Official Danio Flash Game Synopsis!!!

March 31, 2010 at 3:31 pm (Animation) (, , , , , , , , , , , , )

Mario is missing – When Mario, savior and plumber of the Mushroom Kingdom, goes missing . . . the toads are left in complete turmoil. Luigi is also nowhere to be found. So, the toads turn to Danio, the not-so super cousin of Mario and Luigi. Danio lives on an abandoned island not far from the Mushroom Kingdom with his brother Lukigi. He resides there because he has repeatedly screwed things up for the Mario Bros. The toads ask Danio to embark on a time traveling¬† journey to search for Mario in time for Princess Peach’s birthday celebration. Danio will travel through the many stages of Mario’s journeys, including Mario 1, Super Mario World,¬† and Mario Galaxy.¬† Join Danio as he attempts to free his name from his terrible reputation and become the hero he was intended to be.



  1. chaz540 said,

    It’s about time the world learned of the legend that is Danio.

  2. markledesign said,


    The graphics are looking great for this, and the plot sounds fantastic from what you’ve spoken about here and in person.

    Kudos on the internship also!

    • holbsproductions said,

      Thanks, Jason. I’m really excited about the game. I’ve been working hard on the graphics. The game should be fun. Thanks about the internship as well.

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